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As we approach the holiday season, our team at Capitelli & Wicker would like to take a moment to reflect on the trust you’ve placed in us throughout the year.

Our goal at Capitelli & Wicker has always been to vigorously defend our clients’ rights and pursue justice. To that end, our team is here to provide unwavering support, helping you navigate the legal path ahead.

This December, we extend our heartfelt appreciation for the privilege of advocating for you. We also wanted to share with you the latest from our firm, and some legal tips from our blog.

Wishing you a sincerely Happy Holidays from the Capitelli & Wicker team.

From the Blog

Last month, an important piece of legal news was reported in the Louisiana Bar Journal regarding the judicial interest rate in Louisiana. Its effects could have significant implications for your personal injury case.

In short, the courts have decided to raise the judicial interest rate to 8.75% in 2024. This is a significant hike compared to last year, and continues a trend of growing interest rates since 2022. Our team of New Orleans personal injury lawyers breaks down what exactly a judicial interest rate is, and how the 2024 rate will affect your case.

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Our Louisiana-based team at Capitelli & Wicker has over three decades of experience fighting for our clients in a variety of practice areas. Over the years, we have made it our business to keep up with any changes to federal, state, or local laws and guidelines.

This year, the United States Sentencing Commission adopted several amendments to their sentencing guidelines, a document used all over the country to determine sentencing for people convicted of crimes. These amendments are the first of their kind in 5 years.

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In the News

Capitelli & Wicker Louisiana Medical Malpractice & White Collar Defense Attorneys

This month we spotlighted our very own Brian Capitelli’s inauguration as President of the New Orleans chapter of the Federal Bar Association in August.

After 20 years of legal experience, including as both a private litigator and a federal prosecutor, Brian has distinguished himself as an authority on white collar investigations and prosecutions, and as a leading member of the New Orleans legal community.

He was inaugurated as President at the Chapter’s Annual Meeting that was held on August 23, 2023 at The InterContinental Hotel.

Community Spotlight

Our very own Michael Sepcich is a proud member of Knights Knation Baseball, a player promotion group dedicated to helping young baseball players reach their dreams of playing at the next level.

But their mission extends beyond training and player development. The Knights Knation is also committed to community service projects, including the annual Knights in Action Holiday Food Drive.

The Food Drive will take place on December 23rd at 10 a.m. at their headquarters in Mandeville. Click the link below to find out how you can contribute!

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Legal Tip of the Month

The statute of limitations in Louisiana for medical malpractice cases is called the “Prescriptive Period.”

Prescription in the context of a lawsuit pertains to the time by which a claim must be filed. If a claim is not filed within the “prescriptive period,” any rights that a plaintiff may have will be lost, i.e., “prescribed.”

In Louisiana, generally, a Plaintiff must file their claim within one year of the malpractice event.

However, there are exceptions to this general rule. One such example is the “discovery rule,” which allows a plaintiff to file their claim within one year of discovering an act of malpractice. However, by statute, the “discovery rule” has been limited to three years, such that any claim must be filed within three years of the Defendant’s act of malpractice, regardless of when the Plaintiff “discovered” the act of malpractice.

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