New Orleans Law Firm - Capitelli and Wicker

Ralph Capitelli began his career in the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office in 1972 and was promoted to First Assistant District Attorney within just five years. Following his time as a prosecutor, he has dedicated his practice to the defense of individuals and businesses facing criminal investigations. He has handled every type of criminal matter at both the federal and state levels. In 2010, his son Brian joined the firm after a successful career as a Federal prosecutor in New Orleans. Their combined skills and experience are unmatched in the criminal defense arena in the New Orleans area. This team has handled every type of criminal matter at both the State and Federal levels as both prosecutors and for the defense.

Our approach to criminal defense is unique. A different strategy and approach is necessary for every client and they understand that. We pride ourselves on the ability to address each situation from the outset and achieve the best available results under difficult circumstances. While our criminal trial experienced is unmatched, some of our best results have been achieved when charges are never filed or resolutions reached prior to trial that reduce a client’s overall exposure.